I totally understand your Coast original obsession. Note to the Idea people in these companiesif its a good product leave it alonego try to score brownie points with something new instead. Pack contains 8 individual bars. Good homemade Glycerin soaps or the oversized designer soaps are my new fetish. Prestige buys older legacy brands that the major companies don't want anymore, and brings them backPrell Shampoo, Spic & Span, etc. btw- can someone please send me some of the orignal coast ( blue)..I miss it so much..thanks! It is amazing the items I can live without. He say's, get on the web pop and find out what's the problem. Coast Blue Yes in stock and in their possession to be shipped off to anyone with the price. Copyright 2020 HRB Brands. $6.99. As with Coast when I get set on a product I stick with it so dont screw with me !! Can i get it! As with every other thing these days, ingredients are changing to lower costs and products downsized. I am guessing that it was one of the tropical fruits that causes me a problem. I too was a Coast lover, who noticed the changeover to Pacific Force, but gave up when I could not find the Original anymore. The scent is good and has a nice rich lather. None of our Walgreeens or CVS' sell Original here . I just wrote to the company, and told them I'm looking for a new soap if I can't have my original Coast.. Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar. Missy, that's a GREAT analogy! Bars of Irish Spring soap are marketed as a product to, you know, keep yourself clean. Triclocarban is used in many popular bar soaps, liquid hand soaps, body washes, and other products including Dial, Safeguard, Zest, Coast, and Irish Spring. Hello Missy I trust all is well. So why does this soap work to kill insects? Check E-bay there is 48 bars up right now for $100.00. We've noted the size as well as. I dont shower my skin with it but I hang the bars in the shower so they get wet and unleash their awesome sent. Other soaps tend to slop up the soap tray. . I just ran out, just weeks ago I bought 3 bars at my local Dollar store. I hear yaI LOVE coast Soap! Aloe Mist Bar Soap. I bought some SunSpray Coast off eBay a few years ago but I cant use it.I know Ill never find it again! thanks missy and coastlover for your replies. Try Natures Provenders soap. The average low is 50! Also it was striped with blue and white and now its a solid blue color. Sport Strength. thanks! Has anyone found a good substitute? So if your kidney shaped soap breaks dont toss away two perfectly good pieces, use em! I remember it was my moms favorite soap for us in the summer because of the clean, fresh scent that wasnt too overbearing. If some one know where I can purchases a few bars from please email me The new Coast, shaped kind of like a kidney, is a rip-off. Someone was selling some vintage bars on eBay recently, but the listing is no longer there. In most cases, the scents of these various soaps just make me gag! Had to find a replacement. Take your soap out of the package and leave it where you store it, itll harden a little more, itll last longer. Im really intrigued now as to how the Original Coast smells (Ive only used Pacific Force scent). AU $27.47 AU $36.43 postage 101 sold Irish Spring Charcoal & Moisture Blast Deoderant Soap 2 Bars Each 3.2oz (4 Bars) AU $12.32 AU $48.41 postage or Best Offer Irish Spring Sport Deodorant Soap Bars 8 PK 4.5oz Each Vintage New Old Stock AU $92.51 AU $32.76 postage SPONSORED X phng Irish Spring; 10. History. Irish Spring addict . Life without Coast, seems depressing.. What's up with that? Its exactly like washing your skin with shampoo! $13.99. was thinking maybe maybe it was just me. Irish Spring, $6.15 for three There's got to be a reason humans have been using bar soap for, like, ever because it really works. I too love the orig. Great, revitalizing scent, helps retain your skin's natural moisture. I have found what I believe to be a very good substitute for the original Coast.It is a bare of soap from Walgreens and it .It carries the Walgreens brad the bar of soap is entitled " Ocean Fresh" and on the front of the bar of soap it actually says "Compare to Coast ".It has a wonderful scent and feels great in the shower.I would recommend this bar of soap. In our analysis of 21 expert reviews, the Irish Spring Flaxseed Oil Bar Soap, 3-Pack placed 6th when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. So this morning I came online to see where I could complain and to my surprise found all you people that feel the same way I do. It was a shock to me when the Dial Corp took it off the shelves and replaced it with their new Coast Pacific Force scent. It started out with Irish Spring, and sometimes Coast or Dial. Now I know. . Ive been a Coaster sine 84 or so and I thought this pacific force stuff was a $1 store brand in Walgreens or something, I googled Coast and found u guys! Using the strings to tie it closed. Mr. Daniels continued, the Coast brand has a very loyal consumer following and we look forward to bringing renewed attention and energy to Coast. Anyway I was advised by a doctor to use Dove unscented, otherwise I would still prefer to use Coast. I just bought 2 of the 8 bar packs at Mars Grocery Store for $4.59/ea. It is a good soap. Was real excited to happen to see the Throwback version of coast at store the other day I bought a pack thinking it was the Coast of my youth! While. . document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. !Very disappointed with the Dial takeover. Everyone who wants the original back should leave them messages, maybe someone will listen. I am taking your advice and stocking up. The soap has antibacterial properties, and it's designed to rinse clean. Go back to the original.

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